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This website / is owned and operated by PPF Art a.s., registered and existing under the laws of the Czech Republic, Company No. 63080672, with registered office at Evropská 2690/17, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic (“PPF”).

To access the website, you are not obliged to give PPF any personal information, including e.g. your e-mail address.

If in any communication between you and PPF, PPF happens to obtain your contact information, PPF will not use it for any purpose other than communicating with you. If your communication is delivered to PPF, but on account of its content was intended for another company in PPF Group, PPF is not obliged to forward the communication to the relevant company; in this case PPF may (but is not obliged to) provide you with contact information for the relevant company in the group for you to contact it directly.


Like most websites, this Website stores files known as cookies on users’ devices when they visit it.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that the Website uses to remember users’ actions and settings so that users do not have to enter this information repeatedly.

What kind of cookies does the Website use?

There are cookies to tell the Website whether to use the mobile or desktop version, and cookies to save users’ preferences for browsing the Website (e.g. language, text size, and other viewing preferences) so that users do not have to keep re-entering this information.

This Website also uses third-party cookies (e.g. from Google Analytics to analyse visitor statistics – more information is available at These cookies are managed by third parties and PPF cannot read or record this data.

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