PPF Group supports a number of philanthropy projects in countries in which it operates, focusing in particular on education, art, and science.

Established in the Czech Republic and still operating here, PPF was one of the first privately-held corporations in the early 1990s to commit to systematic support for art, thus helping to save several unique art projects and works of art.

Today, PPF owns what is probably the largest private collection of Czech and Slovak photography. Through its PPF Art subsidiary, PPF manages the collection of Josef Sudek, a globally-acclaimed Czech photographer, and operates an art gallery named after him, the Josef Sudek Studio  in Prague-Újezd, which PPF helped to restore. PPF also operates the Václav Špála Gallery  in Prague, which is renowned for its focus on contemporary art.

In 2014, PPF Group bought works of art from Česká pojišťovna’s collection, primarily paintings from its ‘Golden Fund’, which became the foundation for a new collection. Česká pojišťovna had gradually acquired these works over its history, i.e. for approximately 185 years. The collection includes works by Alois Bubák, Alfons Mucha, Maxmilián Pirner, Jakub Schikaneder, Luděk Marold, Mikuláš Medek, Joža Úprka, August Piepenhagen and Antonín Procházka, as well as those of contemporary artists such as Ivan Ouhel, Jiří Sopko, Tomáš Císařovský, Petr Nikl, Jan Merta and others.

PPF has also supported Divadlo Járy Cimrmana  (The Jára Cimrman Theatre in Žižkov) in Prague for a long time and has been a general partner of the Summer Shakespeare Festival  since as early as 2000.

Six rare stringed instruments, valued at a total of CZK 20 million, have enriched the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra’s sound thanks to PPF: a Giovanni Maria Valenzano violin from 1825, a Pietro Messori violin from 1924, and violins built by Italian violin makers Giovanni Cavani and Onorato Gragnani from the beginning of the 19th century; an Ettore Soffritti viola from 1927, and a cello built by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, the greatest French luthier of all time, from 1844.

Through its subsidiary, CETIN, PPF is the technology partner for the famous Prague Spring music festival.

PPF Art also contributes to the development and popularisation of Czech art  through collaboration with other galleries and the lending of artwork to both domestic and international exhibitions.